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Actor Omar Epps has joined forces with Tracey Edmonds and the Williams brothers of YMCMB to produce the new romantic comedy, Between Us. Epps, known for his roles in “Love And Basketball” and “House” wrote the script under his production company BrooklynWorks Films and will star in the upcoming feature.  (more…)


Limp Bizkit is best known for being a huge part of the rap/rock scene in the 1990s. Hits like “Nookie,” “Faith,” and “Re-arranged” catapulted the group to stardom. The band’s frontman Fred Durst is known for bragging about his conquest of Britney Spears, and reportedly Halle Berry too.  (more…)


Tyga’s highly anticipated album Careless World: Rise of the Last King will debut on Feb., 21, 2012. If the hot track Rack City is any indication of what’s in store, Careless World will put the YMCMB rapper on top of the charts.


Guests include Nicki Minaj, YMCMB head honcho Lil Wayne, Wale, and Nas. (more…)


Twenty-five year-old Drake has been on his game for quite some time now. For the most part he is still wet behind the ears in the rap game; however, Billboard just announced he broke Diddy’s record for the most number one hip hop/rap singles.


Earlier today we introduced you to his video for the single Practice; which will definitely be killing the charts.


It’s rather unfortunate we have to inform you Canada’s most revered export since bacon, and maple syrup is being sued.




Someone has been practicing  and it shows.


Drake’s video for the single Practice is well … a big ol’ booty fest.



Did you expect the video to air on BET? Well think again because according to TMZ, the lyrics to the song is too raunchy.

We know we’re in a day and age where explicit lyrics like (ass or b*tch) are being played on the radio like it’s nothing. To have a song where you repeatedly say “Stupid H*e” through the song is just to much.

If you ask us, we are not surprise with the decided BET took. We’ll keep you posted on this story.


Lil Wayne channels artists Basquiat, and Pollock … and Jesus Christ himself in the video for “Mirror” featuring Bruno Mars.