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Wyclef Jean decided to celebrate his 43rd birthday yesterday with a intimate photo online.
Interestingly enough, while his Yele Haiti charity might be falling apart, the former Fugees crooner wants you to know that on his birthday — his body was ROCK SOLID…

Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti charity has officially been shut down and is currently under investigation by the New York attorney general’s office for mismanagement of funds…


Rohan Marley is no Wyclef Jean fan.

From the excerpts and interviews on Wyclef Jean’s autobiography ‘Purpose: An Immigrant’s Story’ – where Wyclef dished the dirt on Lauryn Hill’s tainted past of lies and deception about the paternity of her oldest son, Rohan Marley is coming forward to defend his ex-girl.

According to Rohan, Wyclef is a liar and the truth is definitely not in his book…


Oh. You thought Lauryn Hill was phased by Wyclef and Rohan‘s tea spilling?
Nope – the Miseducation singer is strictly business as she is set to hit the stage with the Don himself, Nas.


With the release of his new book, Purpose, singer Wyclef Jean has been spilling the entire tea set about his life and personal affairs.

According to reports, Wyclef’s affair with Lauryn Hill was just the beginning as the Fugee member is now coming clean about his affair with his manager – Lisa Ellis – even though he denied it to his wife during the time it happened…


Lauryn Hill’s exes are apparently having a field day on the ‘Miseducation’ singer.

Just last week Rohan Marley opened up to a UK paper about their tumultuous relationship – and now it seems that Wyclef Jean also wants to shed light on how Lauryn apparently ruined their relationship as well…


Rumor has it that Wyclef Jean is extremely close to filing for bankruptcy because the singer/songwriter has allegedly been extorted for years by Jimmy Henchman and his cronies. (more…)

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