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Kim Kardashian finally got her night out with Beyonce…  (more…)

Last week Gwyneth Paltrow set off a whirl-wind of controversy when she tweeted ‘Niggas in Paris for Real’ while referring to her friends, Beyonce, The Dream and Jay Z’s best friend TyTy at the Watch the Throne concert in Paris.

While The Dream, Russell Simmons and Toure’ came to Gwyneth’s defense – and essentially gave her a hood pass, Q-Tip went to twitter to voice his distaste with Gwyneth dropping the N-bomb.


Kanye West and Jay-Z AKA The Throne started the European part of their Watch The Throne tour. Here a few videos of them performing at the O2 arena in London last night.


Jigga may get more of a welcome than expected in Paris this summer when he travels there for his upcoming “Watch The Throne Tour”. Socialist candidate François Hollande is using Jay Z and Kanye West’s hit single ‘Niggas in Paris’ in his campaign against incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy in the 2012 French presidential election.  (more…)

Katy Perry recently channeled her inner rapper during a performance for BBC Radio in London this morning. The pop diva threw on a Yankees hat and belted out a sing-songy rendition of the Jay Z/Kanye West track, “N**gas in Paris”. (more…)


Jay-Z and Kanye West just set the Internet ablaze with their video for N**gas In Paris. The video is comprised of footage from their stop in Los Angeles with additional visual effects.


Lions, models, lasers — oh my!



In what may have been in total jest, turned out to be an epic fail online when actor Alec Baldwin referenced the Kanye West and Jay-Z song by it’s given title, “Ni**a In Paris”.

Baldwin, not one to hold his tongue – or his inappropriate humor – offered his sentiments on Kanye’s music:

In the tweets above, Baldwin claims that he loved the song and was going to make his own version with Kanye called “Ni**as In Montauk.” He also said he would call his album, “My Beautiful Pale Twisted Fantasy.” (Blank Stare)

Not surprisingly, Baldwin’s jokes didn’t fare too well with his followers as he received some angry at replies from African Americans on Twitter. Baldwin replied that anyone who thought quoting the title was racist is a “disgrace to the human race.”

SMH. Someone seriously needs to give this guy a time-out. ASAP.

Of course, MSDTV will keep you posted. Stay Tuned..

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