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That ish cray! That ish CRAY!!! Say it ain’t so? Vybz Kartel pulled a prison break move on them! Dancehall superstar Vybz Kartel has reportedly broken out of prison in Jamaica after holding an officer at gunpoint. Reports are saying him & several other prisoners took control of the prison shortly after 1am this morning, taking clothes and keys from guards before escaping in a prison maintenance pickup truck at approximately 1.45am. One police officer died during the scramble & 12 others got injured. Vybz & the other escapees are now listed as “Jamaica’s most wanted criminals.” On some Wild Wild West ish! We’ll keep you posted!

UPDATE: The rumor spread out yesterday that Vybz Kartel escaped from prison. Boomshots had a chance to talk to his lawyer, Christian Tavares-Finson, to clear things up.

Clarifying the rumor:

“We were in court with [Vybz Kartel] this morning,so as far as his location and his status he’s still in the custody of the police. He did attend court this morning. He was brought to court by the police. As far as if people are concerned with whether or not it’s true, or any doubt, I think we can put that to rest. His defense team was in court this morning, and he was also present.”

On Kartel’s state of mind:

“As always, he’s in good spirits. He has full confidence in his defense team, which he chose himself. As far as we’re concerned, we will make significant progress as time passes. We’re confident that, based on what we have seen, it is going to be very difficult for the prosecution to continue bringing cases against him.”

On the possible motives behind the rumor:

“Eventually it will be a jury trial. When one considers the population of Jamaica, you have to realize that it is a small jury pool. Any thought of rumor or any story being carried that is not true will prejudice the jury pool. We have to be very careful. At the end of the day, we want him to have a fair trial. It’s not about prejudice one way or the other, but about a fail trial. That is what we are seeking as the defense.”

On Kartel’s reaction to the rumors:

“He laughed [Laughs.]! The sense of humor is still in tact.”

That rumor wasn’t even funny! If you want to read the interview in it’s entirely, click here!

Vybz Kartel has a lot to be concerned about as the popular DJs is now being charged for his second murder.

According to police, the 35-year-old dancehall star and friend Kiro Jones are charged with the killing of a Jamaican by the name of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

Police say Williams was murdered on August 16, 2011, in Havendale, St. Andrew, according to the site

This will be Kartel’s second murder charge this month. Just a weeks ago, he was charged with murder, illegal possession of a firearm, and conspiracy to murder for the alleged charge on Barrington “Bossie” Burton, who was killed when standing with friends in Gregory Park.

Assistant Police Commissioner Ealan Powell told the media that Kartel is being investigated “in connection with a number of murders, shootings and gunrunning.”

SMH. Check the news report after the break.

Of course, MSDTV will keep you posted. Stay Tuned.


It’s apparent that reggae artist, Vybz Kartel has undergone a dramatic skin bleaching process, but now the Caribbean rapper wants to help other men to achieve his pasty glow. SMH.

Kartel plans to come out with a line of men’s skincare products that will include items that can be used to lighten the skin. What is his reasoning for this poison in the bottle, you ask?

Well, according to him – and a small majority of the African diaspora population, having lighter skin implies wealth. And during a recent interview, Vybz defended the use of cake soap to lighten his skin saying:

‘When black women stop straightening their hair and wearing wigs and weaves, when white women stop getting lip and butt injections and implants … then I’ll stop using the ‘cake soap’ and we’ll all live naturally ever after.’

Now working to start his launch in the Caribbean, Vybz explains, ‘I wanna see them in Macy’s and all other fine retailers worldwide.’ SMH.

Interestingly enough, Vybz Kartel aka Adidja Palmer is also currently in Jamaica facing murder. SIGH. He’s charged with the conspiracy to commit murder and illegal possession of firearm charges stemming from the shooting death of Barrington Burton.

I guess facing possible life in prison hasn’t deterred the rapper from his “beauty regime” or spreading his vision worldwide. SMH.

Of course, MSDTV will keep you posted. Stay Tuned..

Dancehall star Vybz Kartel uploaded a video on Youtube this past Saturday (July 16th) addressing the rumors about his ‘rampant’ cocaine use, and alleged diagnosis of being HIV-positive.  The artist provides an in-depth explanation and denouncement of both fabricated stories, and is the 4th installment of his “Kartel Speaks His Mind” series, especially suited for Youtube viewers (& “Gaza fans”).

Check the video out here:

Vybz Kartel just dropped his new video “Go Go Wine” off his new album Kingston Story in stores/online tomorrow. He’s also on the cover of the new Fader Magazine (the Summer Music Issue), which is available at any newsstand this Tuesday. Mag cover after the jump.