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If you weren’t able sit in on the Floyd Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz fight last night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, MSDTV is offering you a full play-by-play of what you missed and the photos that still has viewers in an uproar.

In a fight that only lasted four rounds, Mayweather received the victory after he threw a sucker punch at Ortiz while he was apologizing for an earlier head butt. Ortiz, looking away – was unable to recover from the knockout blow. Now it seems that Mayweather’s questionable sucker punch victory over Ortiz has fans calling for a rematch.

HBO Correspondent, Larry Merchant seemed to side with the irate fans as he asked Mayweather about the unfair punch. Not able to get a strait answer from the champ, Merchant almost received his own K.O. from the fighter who clearly had enough of Merchant’s questions on the validity of the fight.

Check out the exchange below. Was it a fair fight?

For more photos and a complete play-by-play, click after the break: