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The king is back and he’s ready to make up for lost time. T.I.’s time away has given him the juice to record more than 50 new tracks as he looks towards his eighth studio album Trouble Man. Since all of the tracks can’t make the album, T.I. will release a mixtape titled F**k Da City Up. No doubt this new mixtape will whet the appetite of fans who have been awaiting new material from one of the South’s most influential rappers. In addition to the mixtape and new album, T.I. will join forces with his wife Tiny for the new VH1 reality series, T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle. F**k Da City Up drops January 1, 2012.


Watch the trailer below. It’s a short one but a good one.


We can’t wait for T.I. to F**k Da City Up.


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Vh1’s must feel some type of way right now. First you got Stacy Dash quitting the very successful show Single Ladies & now we got Evelyn Lozada giving us hints that she might quit the show! Here’s what she tweeted

MSDTV will keep you posted like we ALWAYS DO!

Val is getting tired of dating all theses different guys. So she decided to go on a 3 weeks (21 days) man cleansing. Think she’ll be able too? And her intern…smh.  Episode 5 after the jump. Props to Yardie on the rip game.


This is a great follow up to the first episode. All we’re going to tell you is Val hired an intern. (That’s her on the left) Don’t want to spill the beans. Cameos from Pittsburgh emcee Mac Miller & Chilli of TLC. Episode’s under the hood. Again shouts to Yardie


It’s only right I start posting episodes of Basketball Wives. It’s all about Drama! Pun intended. In case you missed the first episode, Ms.Drama posted the season debut last week. I thought season two was spicy…season three is close from surpassing it!

The Drama Queen gave you an exclusive interview with Pilar Saunders about Lisa Raye & Stacey Dash alleged fight. She also brought you some exclusive on set pictures of the show. I just gave two hours to the first two episodes & I ain’t mad at all. This show will keep you wanting more. So if you got some time to spear, sit back & enjoy the “Single Ladies” Second half of the episode is under the hood. Shouts to Yardie


Smile for the camera Stacy cuz after this photo, I'm gonna choke a &*$#@!

Uh-oh. Looks like a cat fight broke out between Lisa Raye and Stacy Dash on set of Queen Latifah’s new show “Single Ladies”.

According to a staff member on set, LisaRaye McCoy and co-star Stacy Dash got into a FIST FIGHT. An insider from the show reports: “Stacy is crazy, I mean really crazy. She was out of her mind saying very disrespectful things all week.”

And for those of you who know LisaRaye’s no nonsense attitude – the fight did not end well for Dash. The insider continued, “LisaRaye grabbed her by her hair and flung her around like a rag doll it was funny. Stacey was screaming for help.” [Yikes!]

Security ended up breaking the fight up with the two actresses Stacy (45) and LisaRaye (45) being asked to go home. Filming is set to resume next week . . . assuming that things don’t pop off again!

The “Single Ladies” series is said to have a “Sexy in the City” vibe, and revolves around the romantic relationships of three friends. Dash’s character is a celebrity stylist who is experiencing autonomy for the first time, LisaRaye plays a video vixen, and Lauren London a semi-shy NBA wife. Other cameos include, Chilli, Eve and Common.

Premiering in May, the show will start with a 2 hour premiere movie which can be seen on VH1. Peep the trailer for the show below: