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Amber Rose’s new talk show ‘The Amber Rose Show’ is set to kick off this summer, but according to reports Amber having a hard time booking guests…


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According to the rumor-mill, the five members of Delta Sigma Theta have been permanently expelled for appearing on the VH1 reality show Sorority Sisters…


In a effort to drum up support after 50+ advertisers pull out, VH1’s Sorority Sisters held a dialogue to hopefully show the cast in a better light.
Yea, um good look with that…


BBW star Tami Roman will be joining the cast of the VH1 Show “Tiny Tonight,” as Tamar Braxton’s replacement … (more…)


VH1 has finally released the first image of the cast of their new biopic titled, Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The TLC Story



Last night, VH1, Monami Entertainment and Myx Fusions hosted a premiere party for the upcoming reality series “The Gossip Game.”



Don’t estimate the underdog.

They always rise to the top. #TeamDrama.

Check out the full trailer of The Gossip Game, airing April 1st on Vh1.