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The Odd Future leader, Tyler, The Creator may take a lot of heat but he has a heart…



Wednesday night, some of musics best gathered together in celebration of the Myspace re-launch at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles…


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The controversial rap collective, Odd Future is back with more antics…


Producer and soulful crooner, Pharrell Williams has apparently decided to mix it up in the studio once again.

This time he’s looking to add Odd Future’s Tyler the Creator with pop country artist Miley Cyrus….



Tyler, the Creator, the OFWGKTA ring leader is ponying up $8,000 to the Roxy as payment for damages stemming from going ape$h*t after a concert in December. (more…)


Odd Future is back with one “Rella” crazy video!  (more…)

Tyler, The Creator took to his Formspring to answer questions about his arrest for vandalism two nights ago. It turns out he was just trying to help a few female fans who were in trouble as a result of the crowd getting out of control.


duding RADICALS, i was on the piano playing the breakdown, only to notice that the music and sound was low, lights went off and that shit wasnt right, i get up, look, and notice that it was two girls hurt from the mosh pits behind them. i grab my mic to tell the crowd to come calm down and inform security because it was none around in the front, but i then find out the sound dude turned everything off. so im on stage while its mosh pits and chaos on stage ( i played live with Trash Talk, and it was a home show so everyone from OF was there wildn) pointing at my mic tell sound dude to turn it up turn it up, hes shaking his head no.i keep doing this for at least 70 seconds until i get fed up and run over to him threw the crowd. i jump on his sound board and say’ n**ga turn my fucking mic up its bitches hurt, let me tell the crowd to calm down, they listen to me’ this n**ga goes on saying he doesnt have control his manager said this and that. i keep asking, we go back and forth. i kick the plexi glass and stomp on the cheap ass soundboard, then throw my mike on the floor. go back on stage just in time to throw a couple gifts out to the crowd ( it was the xmas show). someone states ‘ lets get you outta here’. i walk outside to like 20 cops, helicopters, shotguns and some other shit. jail is really cold dude, i had no socks on. im fine tho, bail was alot even tho i didnt hurt anyone, i damaged some shit. and idk why rappers talk about jail like its cool, omg i would go crazy. all i could think about was skating the bowl like 8 hours before haha. i havent looked but the media prolly made it seem more epic than it actually is.

but overall, i finally feel black.


Tyler’s take on jail is somewhat refreshing; he admits it wasn’t cool. While his assertion that he “finally feel[s]s Black” may be taken out of context we get it. Ah, never a dull moment with OFWGKTA.

Stay tuned for more music news.

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