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Unfortunately the peaceful protesting about Troy Davis execution wasn’t enough to stop this unjust act. On Saturday in Savannah Georgia, thousands gathered for his funeral.

Troy Davis was convicted of murdering a police officer. Not only did his friends and family believe that he was innocent but thousands across the country which is why his case drew world attention.

This painful but uniting service in Jonesville Baptist Church brought together his family, civil rights leaders, supporters and activist to show their determination. Although Davis may have been executed, the battle is not over. This monumental event has aroused a campaign across the country against the death penalty.

Raphael Warnock, the pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta states:

“There are some who think that now that Troy has gone … that our movement is gone, that our voices have been silenced and that our fire has gone out.But we have news for them today,we are just getting started.”

This heart moving and inspiring eulogy sparked flames of emotion. Leaving some in tears, others standing up with rounds of applaud. This service lasted for about three hours, involving Bible passages and songs of praise.

Many people did not wear the traditional black that represents the mourning of death but opted for “I AM TROY DAVIS” t-shirts to represent that the battle is not over but just beginning.