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After over a year after separating, Trina Braxton has officially filed for divorce from her estranged husband Gabe…

Trina Braxton and her husband Gabe have had a tumultous relationship that viewers got a glimpse of when he was caught having cyber sex last year and even telling Braxton family secrets to his online jump-off.

Trina has made it clear she’s done with her spouse – and now she’s apparently made it official…


Trina Braxton is officially pulling the plug on her struggling marriage.  (more…)


On tonight’s episode of Braxton Family Values you’ll learn two things but only one may surprise you;

1) Hide your bubble vests, hide your sweaters; Towanda is a thief.

2) Trina’s husband Gabe is a dirty, low-down cheater. You already knew he was a cheater, but he gets caught red-handed this time around.