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G-Unit’s Tony Yayo has released “El Chapo 2” the second mixtape in the series fittingly named after Mexico’s Sinalo Cartel don Joaquin “el Chapo” Guzmán Loera. (more…)


50 Cent’s new single ” I Just Wanna,” off “The Big 10” mixtape is a love letter to females who are DTF. If you don’t know what DTF means then Fif and Yayo weren’t talking to you, and that’s okay.


Be advised there will be no loving, no cuffing  — of the wedding band variety — and sex will be served fast food style … messy. (more…)

While in Atlanta, 50 cent & company stopped by Hot 107.9 to clarify the new deal between G-unit & D4L. They weren’t done here. Below is a behind the scenes look at Tony Yayo’s new video for Haters. This was shot yesterday at Club Mansion Elan in Atlanta. Cameos from DJ Drama, D4L affiliates, newly signed to G-Unit Kidd Kidd & more. For more exclusive pictures, visit ATL Night Spots


Here’s some brand new Tony Yayo featuring his right hand man, 50 Cent and Atlanta’s Roscoe Dash & Shawty Lo. Notice the “They Know” sample on the hook? Guess that why Carlos is on this too. If you get a chance, go on iTunes & download Yayo latest mixtape, El Chapo.

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