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Traci Braxton isn’t going to be holding back this season on Braxton Family Values.

After her sisters, Toni, Tamar, Tawanda and Trina all refused to film because of their contract disputes with WeTV, Traci decided the show will go on — and tapped her reality stars friends to help her do it.

Traci talks about her family drama, her new album, On Earth, and what’s next for the show. Check out the full interview after the break…



What a difference a few years make.

R&B singer Toni Braxton claims her 13-year-old son Diezel has been cured of autism…




According to reports, Toni Braxton has auditioned to play a lesbian with a full on make-out scene on a popular series…


The rumor-mill is reporting that Toni Braxton is on the verge of being homeless and if it wasn’t for Tamar and Vince she would be out on the streets…


Singer Toni Braxton dropped the bomb on the Tom Joyner Morning Show by saying she’s possibly leaving the music business. Tom pressed Toni a little more and seemed to have a change of heart. Check out the interview.


 photo diesl1_zps35a79f85.jpg

Over in L.A, Toni Braxton brought her co-star and son Diezel Ky Braxton-Lewis along to the premiere of their Lifetimemovie, ‘Twist Of Faith’ at the Stephen S. Wise temple. Peep the pics.


Toni Braxton has been rushed to a hospital in L.A. due to complications of her Lupus condition…

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