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Swizz Beatz reached out the homie Mary for his new single called “It’s You.”

We’re hearing this collaboration may end up on his Haute Living album due out at the end of summer. For those musically technical fans, this track relies “heavily on a combinations of synths, keys and a kicking drum beat”. Basically the beat is gonna move you.

Listen to the track here:

It’s You – Swizz Beatz feat. Mary J. Blige by HDMI44

Since the purchase of my flip cam almost 2 years ago, I have been on the proverbial mission to document all that is Ms. Drama. Surprisingly, those moments have led to some of the most exclusive and intimate conversations with artists, celebrities, moguls and the like. I never became Ms. Drama for the flashing lights, but to create a lane of opportunity when the doors weren’t exactly open for a personality that couldn’t essentially be fit in a box. My background is journalism, but my personality strives to expose the hidden story (as uncomfortable as it may be) through humor, a little sarcasm, and more often than not a good amount of tactfulness that is often swept under the rug by the brand of Ms. Drama.

Nevertheless, with flipcam in hand, I continue to document the world of “drama” in hopes that the appropriate platform will rise to the challenge of housing such a brand. Yet, with that thought – can this brand truly be housed?

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