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Death Row Records is making it’s return and it has nothing to do with music.

According to Suge Knight, Dr. Dre hired a hitman to kill him…


Celebrities before and after the Mayweather vs Hatton boxing match
It’s a wrap for notorious music exec Suge Knight.

The former music mogul has turned himself in after running down a friend and then leaving the scene…





Suge Knight was shot six times at Chris Brown’s pre-VMA party at 10AK in West Hollywood last night but according to eye-witnesses the intended target was actually Chris Brown.

MSDTV was sent the exclusive footage. Check it after the break…





Rapper Suge Knight is making headlines…and not with his music career … (more…)

Suge Knight is on the warpath again and this time he is going strait for Dr. Dre’s jugular.  (more…)

Whoops. Rick Ross is back on someone’s sh*t list. And this time the accuser is known to back up his threats.  (more…)

We heard of Waka Flocka Flame & ex-Death Row owner Suge Knight uniting a few weeks back. That made a lot of head turned & say “WTH”? In a recent interview with, the rapper explained the unusual union.

“Suge is just here because I grab game from Suge,” Waka said, referring to Knight’s experience in the record industry. “He’s shown me his mistakes, he’s tellin’ me his mistakes. He told me the mistakes he made so I don’t make the same mistakes. I’m looking forward to that. I wasn’t looking [at it] like, ‘I got Suge, I got the West Coast.’ … I wasn’t looking at it like that, but it comes with it.”

We don’t know what he’s planning to do with Suge but we’ll definitely keep you posted on this story.

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