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Stevie Wonder Honored With ASCAP American Troubadour Award

According to the rumor-mill, Stevie Wonder and fiancé Tomeeka Robyn Bracy expecting triplets…



The 2013 BET Awards is shaping up to be a show of epic proportions, with many of today’s finest superstars taking the stage to make it one of the most memorable shows. Joining the list of top performers at this year’s show include legendary Stevie Wonder and multi-platinum artist Snoop Lion…


Stevie Wonder’s blackmailers probably weren’t thinking they’d end up in jail when they hatched their plan earlier this year.


Legendary singer and songwriter Stevie Wonder has filed for divorce after 11 years of marriage…


Stevie Wonder’s cousins were arrested two months ago for trying to extort money from the singer by threatening to expose embarrassing family secrets.

Now the cousin has been ordered to stand trial for his blackmail…


1963- 2012


Music legend Whitney Elizabeth Houston is finally laid to rest.  (more…)


Singer/songwriters Alicia Keys and Stevie Wonder pay their respects to Whitney Houston. (more…)

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