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Bobbi Kristina continues her undying devotion to honor her mother’s legacy by penning a letter about the making of Sparkle and what it meant to her late mother…



In the essence of a true queen, Aretha Franklin made a extremely diva-fied appearance at the Detroit premiere of Sparkle — not feeling any remorse when she took out a whole row of fans so she could be front and center…


The movie poster for Sparkle starring Jordin Sparks has just been released – and with it a new movie trailer.  (more…)

The trailer for Whitney Houston’s last film appearance was just released today. The upcoming movie “Sparkle” was said to be Whitney Houston’s comeback role.  (more…)

Whitney Houston fans will have something to rejoice about this summer as the singer’s last film Sparkle is said to highlight the superstar in her best vocal form.



Just two weeks before dying Whitney Houston failed a series of routine tests used to determine clearance for plastic surgery.  (more…)