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After revealing she’ll go under surgery to reduce the size of her breasts, Love and Hip Hop star Somaya Reece finally opens up.

As you can see above, the aspiring rapper went from a  Double E-Cup to a respectable C-Cup. If you’re still wondering why she got it done: back pain. Plain and simple.

After the jump, she spoke on the surgery and if it was a good decision.



Rapper and Love and Hip Hop star Somaya Reece has released yet another video. In Classy Girl Somaya proudly proclaims she  is the sh*t, doesn’t need a man to get her money right, and haters will be dismissed.




On Monday, Feb., 6 the ladies from the cast of ‘Love and Hip Hop’ will sit down for a genteel conversation about the events that occurred this season.


Right …




After the explosive fight between Kimbella and Erica it’s hard to believe any more drama can be brought to the table.  It’s not over yet. On the flip-side things are looking up for Chrissy and Mama Jones’ relationship. Thanks to leaks here and there we already know Chrissy finally gets a ring from Jim Jones but we love charting the path it took to get them to engaged bliss. Of course, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction … one relationship is about to end.


Oh, who’s missing from this episode?


Episode 7 airs Monday, January 2. Check your local listings for start times.


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Guess who won’t be on tonight’s episode of  “Love and Hip Hop.” Latina rapper Somaya Reece is visibly absent from tonight’s episode and several others this season. She revealed her current state of limbo via Twitter today. Her fans are angry and are tweeting at VH1; demanding they see her face or they’ll stop watching.


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