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X-Factor is taking their America Idol themed show to a new level by adding hotel performer, Siameze Floyd to their contestant roster.

Floyd who is becoming a overnight sensation in only his first week may have more star potential than first expected. reports that the 30 year old singer has two huge secrets he didn’t share on the show, 1) he was raised in a polyamorist family, and 2) he and his five parents are putting together a reality show based on it.

For those of you who missed the over the top performance on X-Factor Wednesday night, check it out below and watch Siameze explain and demonstrate his star potential:

Sources close to the Floyds — comprised of patriarch Eric Floyd, his four wives, his young daughter, and his son Siameze — tell TMZ, several networks have already expressed interest in the reality show tentatively called “The Fabulous Floyds”.

The show will follow Siameze and his family, documenting their lives between L.A. and Las Vegas, where they live.

For some odd reason, I may be tuning in to this. Of course MSDTV will keep you posted. So stay Tuned..

Fun fact: Siameze’s biological mother — and Eric’s wife #1 — is Wanda Dee, a platinum-selling singer from the ’90s group “The KLF.”