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Smile for the camera Stacy cuz after this photo, I'm gonna choke a &*$#@!

Uh-oh. Looks like a cat fight broke out between Lisa Raye and Stacy Dash on set of Queen Latifah’s new show “Single Ladies”.

According to a staff member on set, LisaRaye McCoy and co-star Stacy Dash got into a FIST FIGHT. An insider from the show reports: “Stacy is crazy, I mean really crazy. She was out of her mind saying very disrespectful things all week.”

And for those of you who know LisaRaye’s no nonsense attitude – the fight did not end well for Dash. The insider continued, “LisaRaye grabbed her by her hair and flung her around like a rag doll it was funny. Stacey was screaming for help.” [Yikes!]

Security ended up breaking the fight up with the two actresses Stacy (45) and LisaRaye (45) being asked to go home. Filming is set to resume next week . . . assuming that things don’t pop off again!

The “Single Ladies” series is said to have a “Sexy in the City” vibe, and revolves around the romantic relationships of three friends. Dash’s character is a celebrity stylist who is experiencing autonomy for the first time, LisaRaye plays a video vixen, and Lauren London a semi-shy NBA wife. Other cameos include, Chilli, Eve and Common.

Premiering in May, the show will start with a 2 hour premiere movie which can be seen on VH1. Peep the trailer for the show below: