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Nicki Minaj’s alter ego and boarding school escapee Roman Zolanski is back with a vengeance. “Roman in Moscow,” the first single from “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” dropped a few days ago and it doesn’t disappoint. Minaj Zolanski aurally assaults listeners with furious strings, a booming baseline and raunchy lyrics that may make Tipper Gore┬árevive her war on rap.

Although producers StreetRunner and Sarom carefully crafted this bonafied club banger for Nicki Minaj, the final results were kept from them until the single dropped. Loose lips sink ships and sticky fingers with a bit of tech savvy can cost artists sales. StreetRunner explained the process to MTV:

The duo submitted the first version of the beat to Team Minaj in October, and by their estimation, it took about a month for them to tweak the instrumental and for Nicki to record her verses. The song was mixed earlier this week and released Friday (December 2) on iTunes.

Surprisingly, however, StreetRunner and Sarom didn’t hear the final track until Friday’s release. “Keeping music under wraps right now is very important if you want to avoid it getting leaked,” said Street, who saw a number of tracks he thought he had placed on Weezy’s Tha Carter III illegally released online, then ultimately left on the cutting-room floor.

We double dog dare you. We triple dog dare you. We quadruple dog dare you to listen to this tune and not like it.


Nicki Minaj – Roman in Moscow

[audio:|titles=Nicki Minaj – Roman in Moscow]


Stay tuned for more news on Nicki Minaj’s “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded;” scheduled to drop before the end of 2011.