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Metta World Peace could be a big trouble. The baller formerly known as Ron Artest is accused of shorting a former employee on pay day . Apparently, a woman filed a new lawsuit. More after the jump.



John Atterberry, the record executive who was shot during a violent rampage in Hollywood last week has died. 26-year old Tyler Brehm is said to have fired approximately 20 rounds in the air and at cars while screaming he wanted to die. Sadly, Atterberry was caught in the crossfire and consequently shot in the face and torso. Brehm was later killed by officers who happened to be in the area.

Atterberry died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center a little before 5 P.M. on Monday.

Acts including the Spice Girls, Jessica Simpson and others have worked with Atterberry.

Atterberry had been a vice president of Death Row Records, the label that produced albums for many of the most prominent names in West Coast hip hop, including Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and Tupac Shakur.

Courtney Barnes, a publicist for Smokey Robinson and Ron Artest, told Billboard magazine that she was shocked to hear the news, saying Atterberry was “a really nice guy.”

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As if NBA star Ron Artest wasn’t animated enough, it seems that his wife Kimsha also has a way of bringing drama into a situation.

According to, Artest’s wife was recently edited out from the Basketball Wives LA show — due to a request by executive producer, Shaunie O’neal.

A source to MTO reports:

“Before the show aired, Kimsha told Shaunie that she didn’t want [the producers] to make her look crazy on the show.” The insider continued, “When Shaunie tried to act like she didn’t have any control [over what happened], I heard Kimsha put hands on her.”

And for those of you wonder what “put hands on her” refers to – the MTO sour explains that, “Kimsha beat [Shaunie] ass!”.

Skeptical? Well Kimsha voiced her thoughts on the whole conflict with Shaunie via Facebook:

“i see they cut me off the show and left buckle a** b****s. shaunie oneal can kiss my a**. she kisses a** to that evelyn b***h and gets the b***h who f*****d her husband and cut her a cheque but cant handle a real woman. FOH!”

“I’m getting asked a lot of questions. I ain’t got time for the bulls**t. It is what the fuck it is. Ya’ll need to take it to Ms Shaunie. I will keep my mouth zipped right now.”

WOW. It seems that new season of BBW has more drama off then screen than on. SMH.

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Now that NBA star Ron Artest has officially been added to the “Dancing With The Stars” cast, the Lakers forward is focused on getting his moves right. So much – he’s not afraid to show his dance “package” and routine publicly in the streets.

Check out Ron Artest’s dance moves below after the break. Is his new found skills, “Hot or Not”?


L.A. Lakers Forward, Ron Artest, takes on a new role as an…aspiring comedian?  Artest, also known as, “Metta World Peace”, made an appearance at The Improv in California recently, testing out his stand-up skills on stage.  Lucky for us, there’s video documenting his show…

Check it out here: