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Lauryn Hill’s baby daddy and ex is vowing to step it up and take care of their five kids while Lauryn Hill serves her 3 month jail sentence for tax evasion…

Rohan Marley is no Wyclef Jean fan.

From the excerpts and interviews on Wyclef Jean’s autobiography ‘Purpose: An Immigrant’s Story’ – where Wyclef dished the dirt on Lauryn Hill’s tainted past of lies and deception about the paternity of her oldest son, Rohan Marley is coming forward to defend his ex-girl.

According to Rohan, Wyclef is a liar and the truth is definitely not in his book…


Oh. You thought Lauryn Hill was phased by Wyclef and Rohan‘s tea spilling?
Nope – the Miseducation singer is strictly business as she is set to hit the stage with the Don himself, Nas.

Lauryn Hill’s exes are apparently having a field day on the ‘Miseducation’ singer.

Just last week Rohan Marley opened up to a UK paper about their tumultuous relationship – and now it seems that Wyclef Jean also wants to shed light on how Lauryn apparently ruined their relationship as well…



In Rohan Marley’s interview with British newspaper The Voice, Rohan gives a detailed account of what exactly happened between him  and Lauryn Hill and how Lauryn’s spiritual advisor brainwashed the Fugee singer…


In an exclusive interview with VoiceUK, Rohan Marley opens up about his relationship with Lauryn Hill – and why things didn’t work out …

Lauryn Hill’s babies daddy, Rohan Marley has officially become the X-Factor as the father of five has officially proposed to Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana.  (more…)

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