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Move over Meghan Markel…according to the Royal Palace, Prince Harry is headed to Barbados to meet Rihanna – and we all know what that means…


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Pop star Rihanna has made it to “Beatles” status with her song ‘Work’….



Since the news that Rihanna’s album, ‘Anti’ has been reported as a certified “flop” her label is claiming that they had nothing to do with the leak that led Rhi-Rhi to only sell 1000 copies in her first week..



Last week, Rihanna’s new album Anti was mistakenly leaked on Tidal and then offered as a free download by Rihanna.

Unfortunately, that marketing strategy didn’t help the songstress on the billboard charts as much as she would have hoped…



Rihanna may need to slow down her “Anti” celebration party.

After Tidal “accidentally” released her album online, and then compensated the leak as an intentional free download, the album went viral and hit the platinum mark after one day.

Unfortuantely, Billboard is calling foul on “Anti’s” certified platinum status – saying it doesn’t quite work that way…



When it comes to marketability, don’t expect a surgically altered rear end to make you a viable candidate to advertisers.

In fact, besides having some quantifiable talent – you will also need to have the “it” factor.

And according to a new market research report, those qualities were found in one pop diva – and it wasn’t a Kardashian or Beyonce…



Roc Nation artist Rita Ora recently filed a lawsuit against her record label demanding to be released from her contract because they weren’t pushing her music as a priority.

According the the rumor-mill the real reason Rita wants to be dropped is because of Rihanna….