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 Evander Holyfield and Ray J

R&B artist, producer and actor Ray J. has joined forces with former boxing champ Evander Holyfield to bring the hip-hop and boxing worlds together. The aptly titled venture, KnockOut is a collaboration between the two men and Sydney MacDonald of Everi Exposure Entertainment.

Ray J. will be responsible for attracting celebrities, music performances, and models to the televised fights.

Evander Holyfield, a five time boxing champion, will be responsible for securing business deals within the boxing community.

“Evander plays a key role to this new success as new doors are organically opening, ensuring that the business dealings in the boxing world are secure and continuing to flow freely,” said Sydney MacDonald. “This ground breaking merger is a dynamic step in the right direction for better entertainment in boxing.”

Adding a more entertaining flare to the sport of boxing makes sense fiscally since front rows of title matches are often filled with rappers, actors and other entertainment professionals.

The burgeoning sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) will play a prominent role in the venture.

Ray J., never known to be shy did a short promo for the project. See the video below.

Do you believe KnockOut will be a hit or miss?

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So after all the bickering this week between the two entertainers, came up with a pretty interesting footage. Moment after their “fight”, Fab had a show to do. At the 31 seconds mark, you can see some kind of bump on Loso’s right side of his face. Is that “really” a bruise or not? Let us know what you think!

Singersroom recently caught up with R&B crooner Tank who offered his insight on the reported Ray J and Fabolous fight.

“Both those guys are not bad guys and I’m sure they didn’t mean any ill will towards each other but sometimes in the heat of the moment you just go there and Ray definitely…he went there…it was all the way there,” says Tank before he goes into cracking on Ray J.

Check out the video below:

In what seemed to be the true main event in Las Vegas last weekend, TMZ has managed to acquire a mini clip of the fight that has had the internet buzzing of over the last few days.

Now that we have heard both sides of the story, Ray J and Fabolous’s fight in Vegas has a full 49 seconds of evidence to seemingly back up Ray J’s claims. Unfortunately, the blurry clip doesn’t offer much – but it does appear that Ray J did get in his one, two, sucker punch into Fab.

If you’re able to get anything out of this video — you will certainly get that 50 Cent is indeed a true instigator. Check out the Ray J and Fabolous fight clip after the break – and 50 trying to explain what really went down:


After Ray J spoke to the Breakfast Club about his altercation with Loso in Vegas, Fab called DJ Clue to give HIS side of the story. According to him, Ray J was a little loose &  off that “Whitney”. Read between the lines. This is hilarious…

“Wait a minute ain’t that Brandy’s brother?” was likely the question on people minds as R&B act Ray J was excorted out by police from the the Palms hotel and Casino in Vegas last night.

What happened? Well shortly after rapper Fabolous performed at the Palms casino in Las Vegas – he and Ray J got into a physical fight. The news of the fight was first spotted on twitter:

Get the full play-by-play of the fight after the break:


What would Kim Kardashian’s ex Ray J say to her new husband – if they ever met? I’m sure we’ve all thought of how this conversation would play out.

Well according to the NY Post it did happen on a first class Delta airlines flight to New Orleans.

The Post claims, Kris was seated in an aisle seat from the L.A. flight to New Orleans when Ray J boarded and sat across from him. (Wish I had a front seat for this movie!)

Sources on the flight say Kris sat there for a few minutes in awkward silence before he moved to a seat in front of him. (I’m sure having a face-to-face convo with the guy who smashed your wife on a international sextape, wasn’t on Kris’ to-do list anytime soon.)

Fortunately for Kris, Ray J reportedly keep it light and broke the silence by going up to Kris to congratulate him on the wedding. Kris, (probably in denial about the whole encounter) acted like he had no idea who Ray was and ignored him. SMH.

Then Ray J — apparently not one to give up – said:

Come on, you know who I am. I just want to say congratulations. (I know Kris is happy that is all he said!)

After getting called out, Kris replied, “Oh yeah, yeah, I’m sorry I know who you are.” (I bet you do, lol)

UPDATE:  Ray J is now denying he “congradulated Kris”.

Via Twitter Ray annouced:

“Congratulating??? Yea rite! Lol”

And as a side note, there’s currently a mystey buyer seeking to buying the rights to the Ray J/Kim K sex tape for $30 mill. While the identity of the person or persons are not confirmed, rumors report that the Kardashians might be the buyers.

Of course, MSDTV will keep you posted. Stay Tuned!