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Hit reality music show, “American Idol” is saying good by to their veteran judge Randy Jackson after 11 seasons.

The popular judge has resigned, but will allegedly remain on the series as a “mentor” while producers plan for Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey to duke it out…


Cue in the Destiny’s Child song – as Randy Jackson could use some major help in the bills department.

As reported by MSDTV, Randy and Jermaine Jackson had both been turned down after asking Michael Jackson’s estate for help with their child support payments.

Now we finally get a glimpse as to why so much help was needed…


It doesn’t look like the Jackson family drama is slowing anytime soon.

Now Randy Jackson has written his side of the saga claiming that the executors of Michael Jackson’s estate have isolated his mother and may be trying to kill her…


American Idol recently landed Mariah Carey as one of their judges for their upcoming season – but with one spot still open a few speculations have risen as to who will fill that spot.

And a few sources close to American Idol are saying it’s going to Toni Braxton…


Michael Jackson must be rolling over in his grave with the latest of his family’s drama.

According to reports Randy and Jermaine Jackson were trying to get their brother’s estate to pay their child support…  (more…)

It looks like American Idol judge Randy Jackson is one frugal multi-millionaire.

According to his first wife, her and their daughter live on a ridiculously tiny budget that Randy refuses to increase. (more…)


Some American Idol contestants have it pretty rough. However, no one has had it as bad as 16 year-old contestant Symone Black.