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White rapper Iggy Azalea was spotted wearing confederate pride T-shirt over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend…




Actor Steve Martin apologized for posting a racist Tweet about African-Americans….



Move over Angelina, and Madonna there’s a new mom in town. (more…)

For those who have trouble reading between the lines, Nivea offers a pretty obvious statement on how African-American men should present themselves.

In a recent ad campaign aimed at getting men to step their grooming game up — Nivea asks men to “Look Like You Give A Damn.” As seen above, Nivea targets African-Americans features and asks men to “re-civilize yourself”. (Apparently the bread and afro are barbaric?)

In addition to the already condescending “look like you give a damn” pitch, the ad also brings in an image of a well-groomed Black man holding what is supposed to be his own head with an Afro and a beard – apparently his “un-civilized” self. O_o

IF this ad doesn’t scream discrimination – I’m not sure what does. Check out Nivea’s response to their “suggestive” marketing after the break: