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G-Note’s new artist, Governor talks to Ms. Drama about his new single, “Here We Go Again” and singing with 50 Cent on the track. Governor discusses his musical past as part of a group and his motivation in going solo. On the topic of his first deal with Grand Hustle, Governor opens up about the issues being on the label and how T.I. wasn’t ready to take on other acts. He expresses his disinterest in mending that past relationship and why he’s more focused on his future at G-Note. Finally, Governor talks about his upcoming album which is expected to drop this summer 2011.

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So last Saturday I hosted a dope R & B performance and with two great acts, Jazzy and Aaron Camper. Peep my intro in the first 4 minutes. And ya’ll thought I couldn’t hold a note, lol.

Also peep my commentary during Aaron Camper’s performance below. I gets it IN!

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