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It looks like Rihanna will now be rooting for the Nets.


Yesterday, The Roots’ Questlove took over the 1s and 2s for an hour at NYC radio station Hot 97. (more…)


MSDTV has exclusive photos from a fan who attended Jay-Z’s benefit concert at New York City’s Carnegie Hall.


Jay-Z performed Glory for the first time in public in front of 2,800 fans.



Just in case you missed it folks, this weekend’s episode of MTV’s “When I was 17” featured famous drummer, producer, and DJ ?uestlove. Below is a candid clip from the show.

For those of you who aren’t up on your ?uestlove history, Ahmir Khalib Thompson aka ?uestlove is known as a drumming prodigy. He told MTV he discovered his love for music after he received a keyboard for Christmas. He remarks:

“It was my job to make beats during lunchtime period… I sorta got inducted into cool guy territory.

Still a cool guy in my book. Peep the clip below:

Just in case you remember this talented drummer from somewhere else….