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The city of Flint in Michigan is finally getting the help they need as their recent cost cutting efforts backfired when they switched their water source from Lake Huron – where the water was treated by the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department – to the contaminated water that comes from the Flint River… (more…)


President Obama has started his last year in office with a figurative “bang,” tightening up gun control and enforcing a more comprehensive background check for those purchasing guns from private dealers.

Of course not everyone is happy about the president’s executive action – and decision to move forward without Congress’ approval…



On Tuesday, December 29th CBS aired the “Kennedy Center Honors” special, where the highlight was the surprise performance by Aretha Franklin that brought our President to tears…


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Kim Kardashian made a social media faux pas this week as she tweeted support for President Barack Obama during the mid-term elections…


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Watch out Michelle, you’re in danger. Gwyneth Paltrow is after your man!

The actress was spotted shamelessly flirting with President Obama while holding a fund-raiser for him at her home…



Is Tavis Smiley a hater or just impatient?

Perhaps a combination of both as the talk show didn’t think President was timely in his response to the Travyon Martin case and expressed his criticism of the president for taking too long …


In a recent interview with Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie President Obama finally answer questions about Jay Z’s controversial new single ‘Open Letter and addresses the Carter’s infamous trip to Cuba…