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Someone might want to give Stacey Dash a Civil Rights history lesson.

Last night the “Clueless” star appeared on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight and quoted Martin Luther King Jr while defending her decision to vote for Mitt Romney.

As you can imagine, it didn’t go over too well..


Yesterday, MSNBC contributor Touré and CNN’s Piers Morgan went at it on Twitter over the Morgan’s interview with Robert Zimmerman, Jr., brother of George Zimmerman (who is the killer of Trayvon Martin). As a result of heated online debate Piers Morgan decided to give Touré a live opportunity to defend his claims against the host.  (more…)

Piers Morgan apparently got the official scoop last night from Chelsea Handler as she announced that Ashton and Demi’s rock solid relationship was an “obviously” open marriage.

Chandler claims that the two engaged in many threesomes with women –and that Demi became upset when Asthton started having sex with women and didn’t include her. SMH.

Chelsea explains to Piers:

Chelsea: I think it’s pretty obvious to everyone that they’ve had a lot of open marriage type situations, which always lead to problems.

Piers: You think so?

Chelsea: Well yeah. I think they had a lot of good times with other women. . . . Clearly they probably had a lot of threesomes which led to twosomes without Demi, and that led to divorce.

When asked about her past relationships including her former “boyfriend” 50 Cent, Chelsea replied nonchalantly that all her exes speak kindly of her and 50 is no different.

Check out the full interview below: