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PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) isn’t too pleased with Beyonce’s Superbowl outfit. The group says the costume was made from animal hide. Designed and created by Rubin Singer, constructed with strips of iguana, python and cowhide.  Check out what else is bothering PETA about Beyonce.


Television host, Wendy Williams took it all off (except her wig) in support of People for Ethical Treatment of Animals’ ‘I’d Rather Go Naked than Wear Fur’ campaign…

PETA has found its latest celebrity victim. After Chris Brown announced his dog breeding business to the masses, PETA decided to offer their two cents on the matter.  (more…)

Kanye West’s new song,”Theraflu” officially hit the internet on Thursday and since then has been getting rave reviews. Unfortunately, the companies that received a mention in the song aren’t too happy about Kanye’s lyrics.  (more…)

Khole Kardashian has been an avid PETA supporter for many years and while she feels wearing fur is a cruel measure – the reality start is turning her back on the organization as she feels they did an even worse atrocity by having one of their supporters, “flour-bomb” her sister.  (more…)


Jada Pinkett Smith and Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake are involved in a battle of words, ethics, and causes. (more…)


It’s the end of the year and everyone has made their list and checked it twice; including People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Janet Jackson and Kim Kardashian are noted as two of the biggest grinches of 2011 because of their affection for leather, fur and the like. Janet Jackson is a spokesperson for Blackglama, a company famous for its furs. Director Cameron Crowe made the list for his use of animal-actors in “We Bought A Zoo.”


PETA had some not so nice things to say about the singer and media personality.

When Janet Jackson had her infamous “wardrobe malfunction” during the Super Bowl, at least the flesh that popped into view was her own—unlike the stolen animal skins that she drapes herself with, which are as dead as her taste in fashion (not to mention her career). Ms. Jackson, you’re just plain nasty.


Some have speculated that Kim Kardashian’s wedding to NBA forward Kris Humphries was fake. Too bad the socialite princess doesn’t have the same enthusiasm for faking her fur. Unlike her sweet sister Khloe, who starred in her own PETA anti-fur ad, Kim just can’t seem to divorce herself from fur and say “I do” to a kind and kompassionate wardrobe.


PETA doesn’t stop there.

Here’s hoping that the hearts of this terrible trio grow three sizes this holiday season and that we can start the new year off (animal) right(s)!


We get it; PETA hates the exploitation of animals but does that make it okay for them to completely trash humans who wear clothing made from fur, leather and other animal goods?


To each his/her own or leave the fur and animals alone?


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