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Last week I had to pleasure to interview the cast of the upcoming TV One biopic, Bobbi Kristina. I spoke with Vivica A. Fox (Pat Houston), Hassan Johnson (Bobbi Brown), and Joy Rovaris (Bobbi Kristina) who not only addressed the controversary surrounding the film, but why they are in total support to see it air.

Of course, Aunt Vivica had plenty to say about the about the controversy, our messy President and why its time for POC to speak out. Check it all out after the break…



I can’t say I’m surprised by this one.

Bobby Brown’s sister Leolah is outing her sister in law, Pat Houston of wanting Bobbi Kristina Brown to die so she can cash in…



Whitney Houston’s sister-in-law Pat Houston sent out a few cryptic messages on her Facebook page that had her family and friends thinking she was on the verge of taking her life…



As reported by MSDTV, Whitney Houston’s family filed a petition against Bobbi Kristina Brown in an attempt to revise the 19-year-old’s inheritance payments.

Now it seems that they have retracted their request as Bobbi Kristina will be getting the scheduled payments totaling to 20 million by the time she is 30 years old…


Bobbi Kristina may be a grown woman in her own right, but according to her grandmother – she’s still an impressionable child who can’t hand the REAL responsibility of money…


Things aren’t looking good for singer/actor Ray J. The former lover of Whitney Houston had to be hospitalized after getting into a confrontation with Whitney’s sister-in-law Pat Houston at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards.  (more…)

Pat Houston is not one to play with when it comes to her family. And Whitney’s former lover Ray J found out how serious it can get when Pat asked security to physically remove Ray J from the 2012 Billboard Music Awards.  (more…)

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