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Nick Cannon has a lot going on. The musician, entertainer, host, actor and father of three stopped by the studio to talk about his multiple projects, including two new shows on Fox.

In addition to his entrepreneurial effors, Cannon went on to speak about Kevin Hart, who recently stepped down from his Oscar-hosting gig after he refused to apologize for almost decade-old homophobic tweets.

Cannon explains what prompted him to speak up for Hart, and why society needs a wake-up call…


Are you still planning to boycott the Oscars?

Well, you may just rethink that decision once you hear the list of new presenters.

Or maybe not…



GOP candidate, Donald Trump, is taking lead from “Clueless” actress Stacey Dash.

After Dash called an end to ‘BET’ and ‘Black History Month’ – Trump is offering his thoughts on the lack of diversity for the Oscars…



Transgender actress Alexis Arquette is joining Janet Hurbert’s bandwagon and dragging Jada Pinkett-Smith (and husband) for not only boycotting the Oscars, but being hypocritical about their double lives..



Jada Pinkett-Smith’s announcement yesterday asking people of color to boycott the Oscars didn’t quite land as she would have hoped.

Actress Janet Hubert (formerly Aunt Viv from the Fresh Price of Bel Air) was clearly not impressed by Jada’s boycott request, in fact, she felt it important to educate Jada on the real injustice in Hollywood…




Jada Pinkett Smith and Spike Lee will not be attending the Oscars this year, as the two announced their frustration with the lack of representation in the literal “all white affair”

Instead, they are boycotting the event and expect many to follow…


Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 8.53.06 AM

The 2016 Academy Award nominees were announced earlier today and good news for the Straight Outta Compton team — they picked up a nod for best screenplay.

Unfortunately, that appears to be the only film – and person of color that might have a chance to win on Oscar night…


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