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Nick Gordon found legally responsible for the death of Bobbi Kristina Brown…


In a statement to the media Bobby Brown is officially accusing Nick Gordon of harming his daughter Bobbi Kristina…


Nick Gordon was photographed breaking down at the gravesite of Bobbi Kristina Brown earlier this week.

Looks like he put on a show for the cameras…


EXCLUSIVE: Bobbi Kristina Brown and boyfriend Nick Gordon in Atlanta.

A court appointed guardian for Bobbi Kristina Brown has filed a civil lawsuit against Nick Gordon last week accusing him of physical abuse and theft.

Although no criminal charges have been filed (as yet) insiders claim Nick has already hired a top notch criminal defense team just in case ish hits the fan….



Over the weekend Nick Gordon met with Dr. Phil for what he believed would be a televised interview about his frustration concerning his companion Bobbi Kristina Brown being in the hospital.

Unfortunately that was not the case as according to reports, Gordon went berserk after realizing it was an intervention set up by his mother.

A preview from their session has now emerged…




As reported by MSDTV, Nick Gordon had scheduled a sit-down with TV psychologist Dr. Phil.

Apparently the session revealed that Nick Gordon is suffering from immense guilt because he administered CPR to Whitney Houston but failed to revive her.

Now it looks like Nick is on suicide watch trying to cope with that and not being able to see Bobbi Kristina…



Bobby Brown’s sister Leolah claims Nick Gordon is not the helpless orphan boy that he was initially made out to be.

In fact she believes he is the reason her niece was found in the tub face down…