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It appears that Beyonce’s alleged divafied attitude is more fiction than fact — as the NFL is reporting that their star performer has only been a PLEASURE to work with..



Former NFL player Barry Sanders and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Lauren Campbell-Sanders (is that enough hyphens for you) have got a few issues they need to hash out before they’re both free to resume their lives as single people. (more…)

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After an NFL MVP wins the Super Bowl they go to Disney World but where do players go when they retire? Apparently, they’ll be heading to Hollywood. Film veterans including Keenan Ivory Wayans, Robert Townsend and John Singleton will teach retired players the tricks of the trade through the NFL Pro Hollywood Boot Camp.


The four-day event will offer an overview of creative disciplines in the film industry, including screen writing, directing, producing and film financing. The players will have the opportunity to shoot and edit a short film.

The program is being run by NFL Player Engagement, which assist players in preparing for their post-football careers, and Film Life Inc., a New York-based film production company.


This isn’t the first program established by the NFL for players ending their careers on the field. In addition to the film program the NFL has intensive business management and broadcast programs. The Business of Music Boot Camp debuts in February 2012.


The NFL Pro Hollywood Boot Camp will run April 2-5 at Universal Studios.


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In the November issue of Uptown Magazine, NFL player Michael Vick talks about returning to the game and his road to redemption.

On his multi-million dollar contact with the Eagles, Vick explains:

“I am determined to become a better student of the game and I knew I had to work at it,” says Vick. “I was young when I was in Atlanta. I’m older now. I’ve been through a lot and I think I’ve matured. I had some good years there, but I’m just so thankful to be in Philadelphia right now. I could not have landed in a better city. This is my home. This is where I want to be, and I take this opportunity seriously.”

Now responsible for leading another team to the final, the Superbowl contender explains why he must be careful on how he moves on and off the field.

“I play the game the way I know how to play it,” Vick tells UPTOWN, after the magazine spent months trying to negotiate an interview. He’s understandably cautious about whom he talks to and what he says.

“You have to take precautions, but this is what I love to do. I want to be there for my team and do what I have to do as a quarterback to be successful.”

For the full story check out the story at UPTOWN

The price of fame has reached an all time high for NFL superstar Terrell Owens. Earlier this month he encountered a disgruntled fan in Miami who apparently had a few choice words for Owens ignoring his requests .

TMZ reports that while Terrell Owens was in Miami a “fan” decided to throw a full blown tantrum on T.O. since he wouldn’t sign an autograph or take a picture with him. (thirsty much?)

Soon after being declined, the fan decided to go on the verbal N-word attack, calling Owens a n*gger, and basically telling him – you ain’t sh*t. SMH.

Interestingly, while the verbal onslaught continued, T.O. smiled and took pics with other fans and basically ignored the stressed-out aggressor.

It looks like Terrell must be enrolled in some great anger management courses to survive all this – kudos to him.

Check out all the drama below: