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Tyler Perry’s new thriller, A Fall From Grace, is now available on Netflix.

The film stars Crystal Fox as Grace, a woman who becomes romantically involved with a much younger man who takes advantage of her.

Fox, along with Bresha Webb and Phylicia Rashad, stopped by the studio to discuss the film and its various messages.

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Taraji P. Henson stopped by the studio to discuss her new partnership with chocolate brand Kinder Bueno. While there, the Empire star also dished on the last season of Empire– and the possibility of a reunion show.

Henson also chatted about her upcoming Netflix project and wedding in 2020.

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Logan Browning is taking on a multi-layered character in the new Netflix thriller, The Perfection.

In the film, Browning plays Lizze, a musical prodigy, who encouters a former student who she develops a deep connection with.

The actress stopped by the studio to discuss the film, working opposite Allison Williams, and why this challeging role set her free as an actress.

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Stefon Bristol is the man beind the new Netflix sci-fi film ‘See You Yesterday.’

The film follows two high school protegies who use their time travel invention as a way to help change the past.

Bristol, who was mentored by Oscar winner Spike Lee, stopped by the studio to discuss his project. He also opened up about his journey in filmmaking and the motivation behind the inspiring film.

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Melvin Gregg’s star in on the rise. The young actor, who gained popularity through his Vine videos, stars in the Netflix sports-drama ‘High Flying Bird.’

Gregg, who stars as a new recruit in the film, stopped by the studio to discuss his role and his metoric rise.

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Andre Holland stars as Ray, a sports agent that has a solution for the NBA lockout, in the Netflix drama “High Flying Bird.”

Ahead of the film’s launch on Friday, Holland stopped by the studio to talk about the film and its message of race, ownership and how they intersect in sports.

Holland, who also stars an an executive producer on the film, also talked about working Moonlight’s Tarell Mccraney and his former The Knick director, Steven Soderbergh.

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Trevante Rhodes and Lil Rel star alongside Sandra Bullock in the Netflix suspense thriller ‘Bird Box.’

In the film, a mysterious force begins to decimate the world’s population.  People who survive soon learn that all one has to do is look at the unknown entity and they experience their deepest fears — and then take their own life.

Trevante and Rel, who are both central characters in the film, dish on working with Bullock and some of film’s deeper meanings. Rel also weighs in on the Kevin Hart Oscar controversy, his upcoming projects and more.

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