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The NBA lockout is still underway making many NBA players think hard about their finances and spending. With the lockout taking its toll on those who haven’t yet reached “baller” status, a few of the all-stars are offering their help to their down and out teammates.

In a recent press conference, Billy Hunter, the executive director of the National Basketball Players Assn.,talked to one-tenth of his 400-plus locked out players about the issue.

Although the NBA owners are currently holding on to the idea that they need to significantly slash payroll and institute a hard salary cap as a response to their claim 23 of 30 teams are losing money, Hunter’s players are scheduled for some rough times ahead without fall and winter paychecks.

In an interview with the L.A. Times, Hunter told the paper his ideas on the solution to find a middle ground. Check out an excerpt from Hunter’s interview after the break and how players like Kobe and LeBron will subsidize their teammate’s income after the break.


With the NBA lock-out still underway, NBA baller Delonte West, aka Lebron’s future step-daddy, has decided to try his luck at rapping as a way maximize his career.

Just this week on Thursday, the Celtics guard, who is reported to have made over 4 million in 2009, recently filled out a Home Depot application and tweeted:

While his potential 9 to 5 ┬áis still being determied, West – who now goes by the rap name of Charlee Redz (Redz is tatted on his arm) has apparently decided to try his luck as a rapper. O_o

To show his “seriousness” as an MC, Redz is gearing up to drop an album coincidentally called “The Lockout” (blank stare).

Check out his first single, “Livin Fast Life” after the break. Should this guy quit while he’s ahead??