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Vanessa James, from Cafe Moca Radio, interviewed Candice “Ms. Drama” Williams on her career as an entertaiment reporter.

In the new feature, Ms. Drama explains the origins of her moniker, how she’s been surviving the “Rona,” and her goal as a journalist.

Check out the full feature below!

Candice Williams went on ABC News’ Debrief to discuss Tyler Perry Studios grand opening in Atlanta.


Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the pioneers of hip hop, Run-DMC frontman, Darryl McDaniels. In our lenghty interview (just warning you now), Darryl discusses his memoir (now in paperback) 10 Ways Not to Commit Suicide, his love of all this comics, new music – -and his upcoming album.

It’s an interesting interview to say the least, with his emotional journey from suicidal thoughts to finding his mother and living a more fulfilled life. Also be read for a few impromptu recitals of his raps.

Check it out after the break…



Last week I sat down with Growing Up Hip Hop star Romeo Miller who talked about the latest season of his WeTV show. Albeit it always seams like the New York versions of the franchises are usually bland compared to the ATL version, but I guess it’s worth checking out.

Romeo also talked about the No Limit reunion at Essence, which I told him was not quite what I expected. I, of course, addressed the whole #bowwowchallege, and among other things he talked about the No Limit Tour, his father’s biopic, and his “friendship” with Angela Simmons. Check out the full interview after the break….



Grammy Award winning singer Anthony Hamilton stopped by ABC Radio’s Candice Williams to discuss his NY concert, the Hamiltones, and his upcoming projects.

While there, Anthony hinted at new music and another talent he’s focused on pursuing…


Morris Chestnut and his trainer, Obi Obadike, stopped by to talk to ABC Radio’s Candice Williams (Ms. Drama) about their new fitness book, The Cut.

While there, Morris opened up about his character on Rosewood, the possibility of being the Manny on NBC’s This is Us and his first film, Boyz in the Hood


Office alum, Craig Robinson, stopped by to talk to ABC Radio’s Candice Williams (Ms. Drama) about his children’s book, Jake the Fake.

While there, Robinson discussed his some of his films, his “serious side” as an actor, Mr. Robot, and meeting the iconic singer Prince…