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“Tiny” Tameka Harris  has decided to set the record straight about rumors about her being a “gold digger” in her relationship with Rapper TI Harris…



Former NBA star Stephon Marbury says he will not pay another dime in hush money to a former mistress, who worked as his private chef back in 2006. Marbury claims his ex lover isn’t entitled to any cash since their little secret isn’t quite a secret any more…



It’s about time embattled former NBA player Allen Iverson heard some good news. (more…)



In the wake of Whitney Houston’s death everyone seems to be making a profit. Bobby Brown is reported to be the latest person attempting to make a buck off Houston’s untimely death.  (more…)


Celebrities are dropping cash left and right. Ne-Yo made it rain at a strip club a few weeks ago, Terrence Howard has to make it rain pre-alimony dollars on his wife, and Fabolous made it rain bottles of champagne at Club Compound in Atlanta last Saturday.  (more…)