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Hollywood here they come.

According to reports Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill have just moved into a $30k a month rental in Beverly Hills…


Love is in the air for rapper Nick Minaj.

The pop star recently went on social media alluding to possible wedding in 2016…



Listen up rappers.

OG Philly rapper Beanie Sigel drops some wisdom on the Drake Meek Mill rap feud calling the beef stupid and advising fellow OG AR-AB to give Meek a pass…



Numbers don’t lie folk.

Now that Drake’s diss, “Back to Back” has received more listens than Meek Mill’s entire career catalogue, Meek has decided to take the L.

He removed his Drake diss track from soundcloud and says he’s no longer entertaining beef from Drake or anyone else…



Philly rapper Meek Mill is having a rough summer.

After calling out Young Money rapper Drake for ghostwriting, then being thoroughly dissed by him and then dragged online for his weak response, Meek is now in the center of a lawsuit where his celebrity friends are named in the suit…



This could be the worst week ever for rapper Meek Mill.

After failing to respond to Drake’s ‘Charged Up’ track from earlier this week, Meek gets another round from Drake with his new diss, ‘Back To Back”.

And if you thought that was rough, Meek also heard the disapproval loud and clear from Drake’s hometown…




As reported by MSDTV, Philly rapper Meek Mill went off on Drake for allegedly giving him a ghostwritten feature.

Shortly after the dust settled, Drake responds with with a diss track called ‘Charged Up’ that is released during the premiere of his OVO SOUND radio show on Apple Music.

OF course, MSDTV has the full break down of all the disses in Drake’s track that you may not have figured out…