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After news broke on Monday (May 29th) that TD Bank was suing Mary J. Blige and partner Steve Stoute’s charity organization (FFAWN) for a $250,000 loan that it had failed to pay back in full – it appears that Mary has officially cleaned house on her business staff.  (more…)

Mary J. Blige attests that she is “living proof” in her latest music video.

The single, ‘Living Proof,’ is featured off of the soundtrack for the 2011 comedy-drama, ‘The Help,’ directed by Tate Taylor. The emotional ballad touches on finding one’s personal strength when faced with the hardships of life.

The video features the classy Mary J. Blige and also highlights clips from the film. Quite appropriate, considering the film focuses around a white woman’s newfound relationship with two black maid’s during the Civil Rights Era in 1960’s America.

Watch the video here:

Swizz Beatz reached out the homie Mary for his new single called “It’s You.”

We’re hearing this collaboration may end up on his Haute Living album due out at the end of summer. For those musically technical fans, this track relies “heavily on a combinations of synths, keys and a kicking drum beat”. Basically the beat is gonna move you.

Listen to the track here:

It’s You – Swizz Beatz feat. Mary J. Blige by HDMI44