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Rapper Kreayshawn had a few choice words for fellow rapper Iggy Azalea.

Apparently, Kreayshawn isn’t cool with Iggys’s excuse for being ignorant – and ignoring the racial issues in her own country…




The ‘Gucci Gucci’ rapper recently revealed that she is pregnant with her first child…


For some time now Kreayshawn has stepped out of the limelight, but this week the Oakland MC returns with the release of her video, ‘Blasé Blasé’….



The “Gucci Gucci Louis Louis Fendi Fendi Prada” femcee from the Bay Area was schedule for a three-song set tonight at the Roosevelt Room in Toronto this evening but was nowhere to be found early this morning. The event’s publicist, Jennifer Love of Duet Public Relations, released this statement claiming that she not only bailed out the party but Canada as well:

Hey guys – unfortunately we have some bad news and I’m going to give it to you straight. Kreayshawn arrived in Toronto last night without any of her crew as her management could not cross the border. She checked into her Toronto hotel and all seemed fine, however, we got word this morning that she checked out of her hotel at 4AM and got on a plane to NY without an explanation.
The Roosevelt Room has done everything possible to try to get her back for her show tonight, but she refuses to return as she says she feels violated by Canadian customs officials and unsafe without her crew. Sorry for the inconvenience, the Roosevelt Room feels terrible and we hope we’ve given you sufficient time to reschedule your evening.
Rest assured that there are no “bad bitches” scheduled to perform at the Roosevelt Room for the rest of TIFF so the remainder of the line-up will go smoothly as planned.

Not long ago, Kreayshawn went on her Twitter to voice her opinion on the ordeal.

At the end of the day, business is business. Tough it out for the night, make your fans happy, make your muhla & you’re back in the Bay the next day. We’re sure people in the Tdot aren’t happy right now. Your city is live anyways….you’ll find a plan B. *no pun intented*

Miami rapper Rick Ross apparently hasn’t taken too kindly to Kreayshawn’s recent onslaught of verbal word play about him via Ustream and the blogs.

After dropping a few freestyles targeting the Miami Boss – Kreayshawn dealt with some real life drama backstage when Ross’ camp decided to confront the rapstress about her recent rhymes:

“You tryna play me like a boss/but you’re faker than Rick Ross/ I’ll f*cking cut your d*ck off.” “You’re faker than Rick Ross!”

SIGH. Here’s what went on backstage during the commercial break. I have a feeling Kreayshawn is re-thinking her entire rap career:

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Sigh. It looks like we have another questionable duo in the works folks.

According to rapper Da Brat is developing a “special relationship” with white girl rapper Kreayshawn. O_o

(Does anyone else see an epic fail about to happen in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….)

As reported by MSDTV, rapper Kreayshawn has recently been under scrutiny for using the N-Word – claiming it’s a part of her culture. (Oh Really?)

According to MediaTakeOut, Da Brat reached out to Kreayshawn last month via Twitter. Since then, the two have allegedly been texting and skypeing each other — and Da Brat has apparently fallen for Kreyshawn. A MTO source reports:

“[Da Brat] is already in love, I know it. She and [Kreayshawn] are going to spend the weekend together – in Chicago.”

Hopefully they at least will record a dope song together – if not – then what’s the point? SMH.

Of course MSDTV will keep you updated as the story develops.

Stay Tuned…

Natassia Zolot, aka “Kreayshawn” has been under a bit of scrutiny as of late. The young raptress from Oakland, California and recent Columbian Records signee, is defending her use of the “n-word” in a Twitter post, saying that everybody uses the word where she grew up, according to

Zolot posted a tweet saying “People are actin so funny omg lol. I got 200k views. Not 200k dollars. WTF you want from a n****a? DMX voice [sic].”

Read more on why Kreayshawn defends her N-Word use and her denial of using it in her music after the break.


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