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Although, Keri Hilson still denies that her remix to her hit single Turning Me On was a digg at Beyonce, Keri Hilson must have felt the bow down pressure of the Bey hive….


Keri Hilson recent took it to Twitter to clear up some rumors indicating that she was taking a career hiatus because she was pregnant.

Not so says Hilson who says — ya’ll got it all twisted…


Apparently no one in Africa got the memo that singer Keri Hilson was in town – as the singer took a 17 hour flight to perform for virtually an empty auditorium…



First Rick Ross – then Lil Wayne and now apparently Keri Hilson has also suffered an in-flight health scare…


Interscope recording artist, Lloyd teams up with Keri Hilson, R.Kelly, and K’NAAN to bring y’all some music with substance – the universal collaboration entitled, “World Cry” is a preview to his anticipated fourth album “King Of Hearts” scheduled to drop on July 5th.  The track was produced by The Smeezingtons, a team made up of musician Bruno Mars, and two others.  “World Cry” serves as a response to political and social mistreatment, incorporated with meaningful lyrics and a group of talented singers to deliver such a positive message.

Take a listen here:

Keri Hilson recently dropped her new video for the track “Lose Control” featuring Nelly off of her No Boys Allowed album. In the video, a very blonde Keri dances with her warrior princess clan, swims in a lagoon and dances in front of a crescent moon. (I have a feeling Lucy Lawless is going to be claiming some copyright infringement from this video soon).

Check out Keri’s video below: