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The war between Basketball Wives Kenya Bell and her husband Charlie had  finally ended – and according to reports, Kenya Bell made out like a bandit in the divorce proceedings…


Basketball Wives’ Kenya Bell and and her estranged husband Charlie are going through a nasty and very public divorce where in Charlie now feels he’s owed spousal support since his soon to be ex is racking in the dough from being a reality star. (more…)

After the somewhat unexpected departure of Sheree Whitfield from the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Bravo is rumored to have found a new woman to fill her place.  (more…)

‘Basketball Wives’ star Kenya Bell is about to fit in with the rest of the cast. Her hubby Charlie Bell filed for divorce.



Are you ready for the season premiere of “Basketball Wives”? In less than three hours, Evelyn, Jennifer, Royce, Tami, Shaunie, and company will be back at it. By “it,” we mean …  (more…)


“Basketball Wives Miami” is back for a fourth season. Royce Reed who was missing from season three is back and two new ladies have joined the cast. We already know a lot about the going-ons behind the scenes including the break up of Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams’ 11-year friendship, and Kenya Bell’s criminal past.


We’re sure Shaunie O’Neal and the production crew have many gems left for viewers.


 Kenya Bell in pink dress

Who knew beauty queens could bring this much fire?

Basketball Wives star Kenya Bell popped in to FM 98 WJLB for an interview with Coco Foolish and Mr. Chase. During the interview Kenya talked about building relationships with the cast, and called out former cast member Meeka Claxton for having an agenda … minutes later she gave listeners a hit (no pun intended) of her new single “Fly.” Call the kettle black much? It’s reality television; everyone has an agenda. The single is pretty decent so there will be many glasses of Moscato waving when this hits the air in the club.

Listen to the first part of the radio show below.

 Check part 2 after the break where Kenya tries to skirt the alleged stabbing issue in the second section of the interview.