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Kim Kardashian and Katie Couric are in a war with words and hashtags…


Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin is set to guest host NBC’s ‘Today’ Show opposite Katie Couric’s ‘GMA’ reprise on Tuesday, April 3rd. This head to head show -down is said to be a ratings tactic to pin the two networks against each other. It may also incite a bit of a cat fight as well.  (more…)

ABC News anchor Katie Couric sat down with singer Beyonce for an intimate interview on her life, and upcoming role as a mother on “20/20.”

During the interview, Bey explains why she’s keeping her due date a secret and why she was extremely emotional after her big VMAs reveal:

“Honestly, I just felt free. I really did, because I’d been holding the most exciting thing in for so long, and I just felt like, Wow, now I can enjoy and now I can just experience this the way that every woman should. So I felt so liberated, and I felt like, Oh, I can breathe and be happy. And, you know, it was a beautiful feeling. … I went straight off the stage and just cried. I hugged my mom, I hugged Jay and just cried. It was a beautiful day.”

“The truth is [why I won’t reveal due date], it’s safety. I just want to make sure I can have a peaceful day. And I want to make sure my child is protected.”

Check out the full interview below and Beyonce’s take on the fake baby bump rumors: