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K. Michelle has dropped her 5th studio album and to no surprise, the singer is also stirring up a bit up drama along with it.

In a recent chat to support her new album, All Monsters Are Human, Michelle offers some interesting opinions on what she considers real R&B and country music.

Albeit her album is mostly autotuned, the reality star feels she’s bringing something new to the music world. Check out the full interview below…


Remember when K. Michelle announced she was dating a doctor from Memphis and that they were planning to start a family.

She wasn’t lying ya’ll…


R&B singer K. Michelle apparently has a new man in her life and they are already talking marriage and reproducing…


R& B singer K. Michelle will not be getting any love from urban radio any time soon.

According to reports, her latest “missed appearances” and arguments may have caused her major airplay…


The ongoing feud between R&B singer K. Michelle and former music exec (and ex) Mickey ‘MempHitz’ Wright is apparently over.

Last night K and MempHitz made up – unfortunatley for us, it wasn’t televised…



R&B singer K. Michelle is clearly not here for Adele or Sam Smith’s success.

In a recent interview with fans, the outspoken singer critcized the popular white musicans for getting more airplay and acknowledgement for their “soul” music then people of color…


In a past interview, R. Kelly insinuated that he slept with K. Michelle.
Now the singer is back tracking…