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Actor and now reality tv star Ice-T has been under fire as of late from critics as well as fans after he made some pretty insensitive statements about reality tv stars from “RHofBH” “Jersey Shore” and “Basketball Wives” (BBW).

This week, the Housewives reality series was hit with a shocker as they recently announced that Russell Armstrong, the husband of Taylor Armstrong from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” was found dead due to an apparent suicide. And while most have offered their condolences and encouragement to the family, Ice-T had another idea in mind when he tweeted:

“The lack of people caring about REAL issues has caused the media to focus on dumb s–t like TWITTER comments”

He then responded to a fan who commented on his insensitivity to Armstrong’s suicide:

“Bad joke..but alotta those wives would make me consider it.”

Unfortunately, T’s “bad” comments didn’t stop there. In a recent interview, Ice gave his thoughts on Jersey Shore and Basketball Wives:

“A guy asked me my key to success & whats the difference between us. I said ‘Did you see the last 3 episodes of Jersey Shore?’ Yes ‘I didn’t’.”

And T’s thoughts on Shaunie, Evelyn, Tami and Jennifer from “BBW”?

“Speaking on Wives shows…Are any of the ‘Basketball Wives’ even married??? …So shouldn’t it be called..”Basketball Dumped H–‘???”

“Hey! People love to call my wife a H–,” Well at least she is a WIFE.”

Ice – you know MSDTV has love for you, but really? Sigh. Of course MSDTV will keep you posted as this story develops…

For some reason, I feel an apology coming soon. Or should I say show cancellation. O_o

We’re on the Reality TV show run, why stop now? (check the last two posts) It’s almost here people! Season 4 of the Jersey Shore will air August 4th at 10pm on MTV. Below is a long teaser for all you Shore addicts. In it, you’ll noticed Pauly D making out with one of his cast members…guess who?