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After Jennifer Lopez’s outstanding performance at the AMA awards on Sunday, it looks like Mariah Carey is letting bygones be bygones between her and Jlo…



Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez has warned her manager, Benny Medina, to stay away from her R & B rival.

And you’re not going to believe who it is…



JLo must be watching Empire this season as the actress/performer is admitting that the jab Cookie Lyon made at her – and her off key singing, cut deep….




Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband Marc Anthony accidentally reveals that Jennifer and her ex-boyfriend Casper Smart are back together….



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Jennifer Lopez’ exes are ready to come clean about their messy marriages.

They plan to write a tell-all book documenting all things JLo…


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According to the rumor-mill, Jennifer Lopez’s ¬†alleged long suffering assistant recently quit to go to work for Mariah Carey….


Newly revealed blind item link exes Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez well after Ben’s marriage to Jennifer Garner…