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It appears that rapper Jay Electronica is back to his old tricks again. Literally.

After he allegedly broke up the marriage between Kate Rothschild and Ben Goldsmith, Jay is giving Kate a tough lesson in his womanizing rapper lifestyle…


Jay Electronica might be sprung or very strategic as he’s planning to have his mother meet his manager girlfriend, Kate Rothschild…  (more…)

The continued love affair between Jay Electronica and Kate Rothschild does not seems to have been thwarted by Kate’s ex husband after all…  (more…)

Kate Rothschild finally speaks out on the infidelity rumors that she was “knocking boots” with her client, Jay Electronica.   (more…)

Jay Electronic may be slow when it comes to releasing an album, but he’s pretty darn quick when it comes to putting the moves on the opposite sex.

It appears that the rapper has managed to get himself in between a wealthy London couple over some forbidden fruit.  (more…)