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Last week R&B singer James DeBarge told his daughter that he secretly fathered a child with Janet Jackson confirming a long standing rumor.

Well the Jackson family still ain’t buying it….



Looks like James DeBarge didn’t get his unbreakable tour tickets refund.

The singer and former husband of Janet is back on mic telling anyone who wants to hear that his and Janet’s baby is out there…


According to the National Enquirer, James DeBarge’s mother has opened up about the child that her son (James DeBarge) had with pop icon Janet Jackson.

In the article, 75 year old Ettelene DeBarge claims that Janet’s baby is Omer Bhatti – the boy that was rumored to be Michael Jackon’s love child.

Ettelene explains to the Inquirer:

[Omer Bhatti] is my grandson! He looks just like James did when he was young — Omer is Janet’s son.”

Janes told me that he got Janet pregnant in 1984 . . . Janet and I spent time together back then. It was obvious to me she was pregnant.

Janet gave birth overseas, and her family arranged to have Janet give the child to a family in Norway.

Still skeptical? Check out more pictures of Omer after the break: